Metallic Epoxy San Diego

There’s a reason why you do not use decorative epoxy for exterior or industrial settings. Interior epoxy floors are an increasingly popular way to invest in your home. That’s because this attractive resin coating can provide unique, swirling, three-dimensional effect designs that flow throughout your living area. Not only that, but once you install this residential flooring, you will have an easy to clean surface free from damage that can last for decades.

If this sounds intriguing to you, read on! Let’s talk about what epoxy flooring can do for you

Marble Epoxy: Bringing Style and Substance to Your Space

Marble is a classic material that is far too expensive for use in the modern environment. However, fortunately for you, there is an alternative with epoxy. With a pearlescent finish and sparkling, eye-catching fragments embedded in the surface, your floor space can provide the appearance of a marble bathhouse– at a fraction of the cost.

Not only that, but epoxy flooring can provide a unique design specific to your home or restaurant flooring, so friends or customers can wonder at the exciting and attractive appearance while knowing it is one of a kind. Even floors installed by the same contractors will always be different from one another. You’ll know that no one else has the same color and design pattern.

Perhaps you’re more interested in the appearance of molten metal, storm clouds, or colored glass. Whatever look you desire, reach out to our contractors to estimate how we can take your home or business to the next level using epoxy.

Gorgeous looking epoxy floor in San Diego, California

Reflective Epoxy Brings Excitement to Every Room

Brilliant colors, exciting patterns, and a durable surface make epoxy a go-to flooring option for all interior and exterior spaces.

Consider the shiny, reflective surface and how you can brighten up any room up to 300%! A well-lit Fourier can invite your guests into your explicitly modern yet oh-so-affordable home.

Or think about your restaurant flooring: how would you want to display your impeccably clean floors but through a reflective and bright shiny surface? As a USDA approved flooring material, installing epoxy resin floors is an investment in your business for the future.

Gorgeous looking reflective epoxy in San Diego, California

Epoxy Flooring

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You are no more crying over spilled milk in the carpet fibers! With SD Epoxy Floors, your home will be spill-proof, ding proof, and pet-proof, with an easy to wipe up a surface that lasts for years.

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