Concrete Coatings San Diego

You want to install the optimal floor in your space. It’s helpful to have an attractive look, an affordable price point, and a wear-resistant surface. That’s where epoxy floors come in.

Consider these benefits:

Low maintenance

Selecting a surface for your floors that is easy to clean and doesn’t require any specialized or hazardous chemicals is an optimal way to take one less concern off of your plate


You can use the coating in heavy traffic areas, including your driveway, hobby workspace, pool deck, garage, and more. While your floor coating may take a few hours to dry, followed by a few days of curing, the resulting plastic seal provides a shielding-- keeping your concrete in mint condition for years to come. 

Finishing Options

You may be concerned about the dangers of slipping around your backyard swimming area. But deck coating comes with an optional anti-slip surface to keep your loved ones safe when playing outside. The layer also comes with damage-resistant options to protect against chemical spills or heavy falling objects. 

Appealing Look

Our sealing comes with several aesthetically pleasing looks, including colors and stamped options, providing the appearance of stone or brick without the associated upkeep.

Imagine: A Garage Floor Coating Resistant to Oil Stains

We know you don’t want a little oil leak to spoil your garage floor at SD Epoxy Floors. With concrete sealing, you can clean your floors without worrying about absorbing unsightly stains and odors. Not only that, but you can rest easy knowing that this tough-as-nails floor will stand up to vehicle traffic and will stand up to dropped tools and heavy stored items.

Beautiful epoxy floor coating in San Diego, California

The Decorative Pool Deck Coating for Your Family

An anti-slip surface and a textured pattern are some of the options you can select when installing epoxy coating around your pool. Turn your faded and cracked concrete surface into a desirable hangout space for your children or grandchildren. Fun in the sun can provide endless entertainment for the whole family.

Beautiful and decorative pool deck in San Diego, California

Driveway Concrete Coating: Set it and Forget it

Concrete sealing takes a few days to dry and cure. But once the process is complete, you won’t need to think about your home’s curb appeal for some time. That’s because this epoxy finish prevents weeds from growing through your driveway and keeps your surface fresh and blemish-free for years to come.

Not only that, but this surface is more affordable than some other, more expensive options– keeping your budget in check while impressing neighbors and friends alike.

Garage floor epoxy in San Diego, California

Epoxy Flooring

San Diego

At SD Epoxy Floors, we professionally install commercial and residential epoxy flooring for your home or business. With over 10 years of experience, we’re your local contractor that stands behind our work. Give us a call today!

Strong Industrial Concrete Coating that Works for You

Your business needs flooring that is easy to clean, chemical resistant, and industrial strength. That’s why this coating is the right answer for your warehouse, workshop, or factory setting. This moisture and abrasion-resistant surface prevent impacts and stains while providing a clean surface that doesn’t harbor bacteria or microbes.

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