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Epoxy FAQ

Epoxy flooring is one of the most economical and attractive flooring solutions on the market today– from interiors to exteriors, from commercial to residential, and from hospitality to industrial settings. We know our customers or first-time clients may have some questions about this versatile product, so we put together a list of answers that we encounter regularly.

What is Epoxy?

Epoxy is a concrete coating consisting of a resin and hardening chemical. This mixture produces a chemical reaction that provides hardened plastic flooring as the end product. You can then cover two or three additional layers for abrasion resistant, long-lasting floor, sidewalk, pool deck, or more.

Where are Epoxy Floors Used?

It may be more comfortable to ask, where can’t epoxy floors be used! This versatile and hardy material is growing in popularity, and you can install it in schools, public buildings, restaurants, factories, warehouses, driveways, and garages. Some people choose concrete coating for living rooms, great rooms, kitchens, more stain-resistant, easy-to-clean surfaces, and attractive and artistic designs. From swirling waters to checkered patterns, and from deep colors to a minimalist shine, epoxy resin is appropriate for nearly every type of floor-- indoors or out.

How Long Does Epoxy Last?

A professionally installed epoxy floor can last for decades. However, a do-it-yourself installation is a different story for two reasons: professional expertise and materials quality.

However, much research an amateur does on flooring, and their craft will not match the level of quality that a professional can bring to the job. That is because we know the floors inside and out, and we do this job every day. Despite the upfront cost, you will notice that the investment you put into your property will pay dividends for years to come with a professionally installed floor since it will last for up to thirty years. 

Additionally, we do not merely paint on an epoxy coating layer over the top of your concrete. Instead, we mix our resin and hardening agents and pour them over, waiting for curing and making sure the hardening process produces a tough final product.

Epoxy vs. Traditional Concrete: Why Coat My Floor?

This question has a simple answer. A concrete floor that you cover with an epoxy coating is over 200% stronger, more durable, and longer-lasting than a simple concrete slab susceptible to water damage, stains, fading, and harsh chemicals. Additionally, bare or polished concrete can spall, crack, and flake, creating damaged areas that quickly spread and deteriorate.

You can choose from many finishes with a decorative epoxy coating: from stained and stamped options to high gloss shine to patterned or textured looks or even a marbled appearance. The possibilities are endless.

In short, coating your concrete makes it more rigid, longer-lasting, and more beautiful.

How Do I Clean My Epoxy Floor?

I love simple answers, don’t you?

There are no expensive or hard-to-find chemicals necessary to clean your epoxy floor.

Simply use a broom to clean your surface and a traditional soap and water mop to finish the job.

That’s it.

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